Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mid-Life Crisis

I've been listening a lot to John Mellencamp's new CD, Life Death Love and Freedom. The content of this CD speaks to me of late. Very reflective of all that the title evokes. I don't speak of the term "crisis", in my title, as a troubled time but as a "turning point". A place and time in ones life where you are literally at a crossroads with those who are in your circle of life. Your life experiences are shared with those who have come before you and have experience much more life than you and with those who are coming up behind you. You are truly at the Mid-Point.

With in the last few weeks death has been a much too common thread in my life. Although indirectly, it has certainly been with in the seven degree's of separation. It certainly makes you reflect on your own mortality and those around you. Makes you begin to assess your own life journey of where you've been and where you still want to go. Hopefully my journey will become less about me and more about those around me. As an artist, I don't know how successful that goal will be for me? For, every fine art image I create, I am saying look at me, look what I did! Maybe artists are kids who never grow-up or at least try and pretend they don't have to grow up?

Verse from "Longest Days" John Mellencamp

It seems like once upon a time ago
I was where I was supposed to be
My vision was true and my heart was too
There was no end to what I could dream
I walked like a hero into the setting sun
Everyone called out my name
Death to me was just a mystery
I was too busy raisin up Cain

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