Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sunrise Fire

My first thought as the violent fire's long chaotic fingers were reaching out of the Sunrise Apartments window was, "Oh no, it is going to spread to my house if they don't deal with this soon". Quickly my own fears were distracted by the many seniors that the firemen were evacuating from the building. Residents from the apartment shuffled out with walkers, wheelchairs, no coats and fear of the unknown. My wife and I quickly began to grab as many coats and blankets from our house to warm the displaced residents until more help could arrive. We met some wonderful neighbors today under a terrible situation. The fire is out and a bus came to warm all of the people evacuated from the apartment. I hope that all are well. We did drive one wonderful 87 year old woman to West Allis Memorial Hospital after complaining from the smoke she inhaled. I know that her brother and her daughter would be with her soon. Hopefully all of these people have family that will provide them with a warm place to stay until they can be back in their homes!

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