Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I'm Running as Fast as I Can!

With so many things to do and so little time, sleep is a major inconvenience! They say as a society our busy lives are creating a population of sleep deprived zombies? Need a pill to get to sleep, need a stimulant to wake you up? It's just that life is too short not to run at full speed till you hit the proverbial brick wall.

The one thing I keep trying to go back to is music. Sex, drugs, rock and roll! OK, maybe at my age it would be more like Rock and roll, drugs, and sex; or Rock and roll, sex, and drugs? It's just Rock and Roll to me. Not too many years ago I picked up the guitar, took lessons for a few years, and played and played and played. Never getting as good as I wanted to although others said I played pretty good. But since I never reached the level that I aspired to I put it away. Now even though I'm probably to busy (see first paragraph), I feel the need to try again. Guitar or harmonica? I've always wanted to play harmonica so that I could take it with me where ever I'd go and a blues riff would be right there on the lips ready to stimulate the reeds in the harp. OK, it must be the harp then. I feel bad that my guitars just sit there as room decor but the blues are calling.

If only I enjoyed sitting in front of the tv all night, life would be so much easier but probably not as fulfilling?

My One and Only

by wm zuback

When the stars ar not aligned

and it ain't my time

to get lucky with my lady

I surrender to the night

resign to a quite site

and make music with my blonde 38

we embrace for hours

playing in harmony

groov'in to the sweet and tender moan of her rythm

no mind games here

only pure unadulterated bliss

she's my one and only-blonde 38

the years have weathered you well, my love

a few more nicks and scrapes

compliments of your sojourn through life

dear, you wear your journey well

you're my one and only-blonde 38

you don't give one f-hole about the competition

cuz when i'm holding you tight

and playing you right

baby, you know at that moment

there are no others

you're my one and only

with the night fading away

we must resign to a new day

i lay my baby down in her soft purple lined case

she doesn't cry one sour note

she's my beautiful blonde Gretsch 1938

she's my one and only!


Frieda Babbley said...

Awesome! I love that poem. The whole post was almost like it was spewing forth from Dave's mouth. The exact same thing is going on with him. He finally picked up his 9 string (no I'm not making a mistake, there are strings missing) and has been playing for a few weeks now. He sounded great to me, but he said, "My strumming arm just isn't doing what my head is telling it to do." Anyway, after reading this, I think I ought to go cuddle with him. Even if he is asleep.

William Zuback said...

Thank you. It is much easier to learn things like music at a much younger age (I think). Your expectations and goals are usually not as ambitious as they are when you are an adult. Glad you connected with the poem.

Anonymous said...

i really like your blog this week
i love you

William Zuback said...

Your my daughter so you have to say that. Thanks Kenzie!!!