Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Slice of Heaven

Welcome to Chapter 13 of my Book Passages Series. For anyone new to my blog and wondering what this "Book Passages Series" is all about? Please visit my first blog post introducing this idea to readers of my blog. Once you reach the bottom of that first post in February you can click on the newer post link to scroll one by one to the most current blog entry. All the posts do not pertain to the Book Passages series but you will be able to easily recognize which belong to the series. Some good news since my last Book Passages post and that is I received confirmation that the Steenbock gallery in Madison, WI. will be exhibiting this series beginning December 4, 2010 and run through January 15, 2011.

This visual interpretation is presented a bit different than the other twelve chapters. My friend Tom, from college, asked if I would except an audio file excerpt from (wish I could tell you, I've been told to remove it from my blog)? I think it's an interesting request and it really isn't that different than a book passage so I was like, sure. So here is my visual interpretation from a monologue titled (can't believe a creative person would be so petty to request I remove this association from my blog). As always I appreciate honest criticism of the interpretation. It really becomes a forum for us all to discuss, debate and learn so please consider leaving some insight for us all to contemplate. To leave a comment click on the comment link at the bottom of the post. Type in your conversation, highlight one of the choices such as anonymous, enter the encrypted word in the box and click OK. Enjoy! Tough to enjoy this interpretation since I had to remove all references to what the source material was that I interpreted. Bah.


Tom said...

Very well done Bill. Glad you were able to connect the audio clip to the picture on the blog.

Can't figure out how you arrived at french toast! My mind would have not gone that direction. I like the connection to bread. The body of Christ in communion bread. The face on the bread in the pan is perfect. God is all around us and in our minds and what we eat. Maybe were are made of God. I am not much of a believer in God us less it is that I am the God of myself. Buddhist Eastern View not to be confused with a Western Christian understanding.

Bill, you photograph from views from the darker side. It definitely works well with your style. Keep making that shit.

Frieda Babbley said...

Bill, now this was quite the awesome thing. I hope you can have that playing at your exhibits, because this is one far out combination. When I first looked at the photo, before I knew what the talk was going to be like, it felt like there was some sort of symbolizm and I couldn't figure it out quite. I thought that the butter on the toast was like when people see the virgin mary or jesus in a potato chip or a waffle. And then there was the face on the toast in the pan. (how the heck did you do that, by the way?) And then low and behold, it was something like that indeed. Fantastic. So complex, but so simple, so every day. Dang, Bill, these get better every time. said...

Congratulations on your Steenbock Gallery show. We will attempt to be there.
Your God menu is intriguing, especially the homophobic image on the French toast..God certainly is as edible as any other way we accept that presence. Most all religious ceremonies include forms of eating & drinking. Cheese toast accepts God in bas relief .Joe Frank should be pleased by your photograhic interpretation of his bread upon the waters voice.

Deone said...

Congratulations, Bill. What a wonderful project this continues to be. And congrats again on the Steenbock selection.


William Zuback said...

Bill, I was wondering if you could elaborate on your observation that the image on the French Toast is homophobic? I could see an observation that I represented God as a male instead of a female and the merits of debating that interpretation, but I'm having a difficult time seeing/understanding your perception of a homophobic image? Hope you can enlighten us all with a further explanation of your observation. Thanks for commenting and your very thought provoking words.

Naomi said...

What a piece of toast! In the clip, he's basically saying that God is everywhere — and nowhere more so than in the details of everyday life. Even in a Betty Crocker cookbook. I like what you've done with the details.

Anonymous said...

as they say, God is in the details, and I love the mundane-ity that you chose to reflect this reading. The reading is haunting; your work is inviting. I too am curious about the 'homophobic' comment. This is a theme that I find most compelling and beckoning to reflection. Thank you.