Friday, December 4, 2009

Two out of Three ain't Bad

Does the mail carrier deserve a tip? He did deliver some great news this week. Don't know why but when I saw the envelope letterhead of the John Michael Kohler Arts Center I thought for sure is was going to be one of those thanks but...

To my surprise two of my three Book Passages images that I submitted for the Eight Counties Juried exhibition have been excepted for this years show. Juror's seem to be responding to two images more than others in the series. Although, most of these Juried show's you can only submit 2-3 images and I do usually submit the same three images?

This year, 520 artists entered work for this competition culminating in over 1,550 individual works of art? The two selected are Hello...Farewell (the cemetery scene) and What The (the hotel) from the Book Passages series. The one that was not selected was Visual Haiku (the shopping cart)? That is one of my favorites from the series so I'm always interested in how and why people respond to certain pieces more than others. Oh well? One step at a time.


Karin said...

When is the exhibit?

William Zuback said...

Hi Karin,

It opens on Sunday January 24 11-3pm. I'm not sure how long it is up. I would assume about a month. I'll try to find out for you.

Naomi said...

What the? Great!