Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Blog and Website

Thanks for being such a loyal follower of my blog, especially during the last year when I was producing my Book Passages body of photographs. Many of my blog posts will be moving to a new Website Blog that I've recently got up and running. This new website is just for my fine art photography. It includes many of my past fine art series/projects.

So last night I posted on my new blog. It's a gamble to switch at this time since I've built up a nice following of interested Blogger's but I want to separate my fine art idea's from my portrait/commercial business. This blog and my soon to be revamped BacktotheZu Studios website will be my vehicle for my portrait business. I'll still post BacktotheZunews but it will be focused on the business and portraits in general. Please become a loyal follower of my new blog if you enjoy my occasional image posts, reflections and rants. Here is the new information. Please take the time to check it out, bookmark it and come back often. Thanks.

William Zuback Fine Art Website
Fine Art Blog

Monday, March 1, 2010

Jessica Rabbit oh how I love thee...

Anyone who has been to my studio or home knows that I collect figures. Horror figures, TV characters, movie characters, Bobble Heads.... Well, I haven't added to my collection in a while but last year when I photographed a model she saw the Jessica Rabbit doll displayed in my studio. Fast forward to this February, I emailed Ari to ask how she's been and that if she would like to do another photo shoot, to let me know. She surprised me with her tale of being inspired to make her own Jessica Rabbit costume after seeing the doll at my studio. Would you like to photograph me as Jessica Rabbit she inquired? Absolutely was my quick response. So last Friday she arrived at the studio mid-morning and by noon she was transformed into Jessica Rabbit.

The Portrait Society Gallery in Milwaukee sent out a request to send portraits of "Famous" people to be a small part of a larger exhibit that opens on March 19. These smaller portraits will be in the lounge/annex of the gallery. I have portraits of more famous people I've photographed including Joyce Carol Oates, Jane Hamilton and Mandy Patinkin but I really hoped that I could get the "Famous" Jessica Rabbit into the exhibit. I emailed gallery owner Debra Brehmer with my info and picture of Jessica and to my wonderful surprise she decided to include Jessica in the exhibit. Debra said, "Thank you for sending the image. My first thought was a woman dressed up as a fictitious cartoon character is probably not "Famous" enough for this show. But the image is so fetching that yes, I would like to include it." Thanks Debra!