Monday, December 6, 2010

Book Passages: A Visual Journey at Steenbock Gallery

Photography exhibit, Book Passages: A Visual Journey is now on display at the Steenbock Gallery, 1922 University Ave., Madison WI.

Opening reception and dramatic book passage readings by Mariapia Lambert, Saturday December 11, 6-9pm.

Show closes January 14, 2011.

Explained very well by a reviewer at a portfolio review of my work, He said, "The idea behind this body of work is the collaborative connection between the artist and the person who selects the passage of writing and the original passage itself. A three way triangle. One person sees and writes, one person reads and relates and an artist brings to light an idea of what the vision is. What do these diverse connections tell the viewer about the nature of perception and life? The essence of this project is the complexity of human communication. The beauty of this project is deeper and richer than just the pictures. It's in the way that we each communicate our idea's and emotions to each other and try to understand how this world works. It is ever changing and ever reinterpreted."

As the artist, I became the interpreter and the director.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sweet Surrender

What was it you saw in my heart?
So many years ago
A young man's body, a child's mind
So much growing up to do

Your brown eyes were a haven
Offering a kindness that was real
Through your eyes I found
A heart that was true

What did I have to offer?
I may never know
You welcomed me into your life
Without a clue

With a heart hardened by life's disdain
You taught me to live life with no restrain
No longer intoxicated, you set my life free
Love is the drug, you are my need

Always there with a supportive ear
You're my hope, you take away my fears
You tore down the walls I had built so strong
You showed me true courage, no more could I hide

Life's purpose is a mystery, its part of some big master plan
We look to the stars, when life takes a turn
I only need to look for the twinkle in your eyes
To find comfort in a heart so true

Happy Anniversary Sue.

Monday, August 2, 2010

All the worlds a stage

All the world is a stage and this is the fourth image in a series entitled, "Beauty and the Performance". The terrific painting you see in the photograph is by artist William Schulman.

The Bride

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Beauty and the Performance

The early images of this series are beginning to to take shape. They can be viewed HERE.

Friday, July 23, 2010

The Evolution of an Idea

I normally post portrait related idea's and themes on this blog but my new fine art series that I'm in the infant stages of loosely ties in with portraiture. You can read more at my fine art website blog.

Friday, June 4, 2010

High School graduation brings new beginnings and charished memories

I haven't written a poem in a very long time. When my kids were younger I traveled an average of 7 days a month. This poem which is in honor of my daughter graduating from high school was written about eleven years ago. It's based on conversations I've had with my daughter, McKenzie, usually during breakfast or in the car. I wrote this poem with tears in my eyes from Rye, New York. I was there doing a photo shoot. That evening in my hotel room I called home, like I did every night I was on the road, to talk to the family. When Kenzie got on the phone she was so excited to tell me about a boy in her, class that she liked, and was able to sit next to on the bus that day. I was happy and excited for her and her special day but sad knowing how much better this story would have been if she was sharing it while we had dinner that evening. Seeing the sparkle in her eyes and the tone of her voice sharing it for all to hear. With the conversation over I took a walk around the hotel grounds, went back to my room and poured out this poem for my daughter.


It was a weekday morning, music in the air

Son was in the bathroom, combing his hair

My head was in the paper, while eating cornflakes

Daughter sat beside me, picking her breakfast, while staring into space

Daddy, she says in her soft quiet voice

Daddy, she says as she looks up from her bowl

Daddy, do you ever cry?

Daddy, why don’t you cry?

Sweet child of mine with the curious mind

Try to understand, understand if you can

Sorrow is a feeling that you don’t usually see

I keep it hidden, deep within me

Happiness is present and seen most every day

But even my most joyful thoughts

Are rarely on display

Do I cry? Dear, yes I do

I cry the most, when I’m thinking of you

My first tear falls before you wake

Sunlight dancing, across your sweet face

I ask the golden glow that caresses your cheek

Become your suit of armor, as you sleep

With each new day I see you grow

Joy and sorrow the moisture hold

Each day I wake you from your sleep

Another tear for you I weep

Sorrow and Joy are not far apart

For tears don’t know the difference

When they fall or why they start

The heart knows the reason for each tear upon my cheek

I cherish the knowledge for which my heart speaks

You share with me excitement

About a boy in your class

A special friend, that makes your heart, beat “pitter-pat”

He sat beside you on the bus one spring day

A moment of your life, and mine I pray

I see you standing so proud upon the stage

Eyes scan the audience, you find strength to play

You firmly tuck your violin beneath your chin

Managing to smile, your fingers begin

Small fingers dance magic upon the strings

Bow massages the strings, the violin sings

The tears well up in my eyes each day

As I relive the moments from each passing day

You hold a special place in my heart

And that is where all the tears start

So when you asked me such a curious question

Daddy, do you cry?

My answer is now here on display

If you do not see a tear fall from my face

Rest assured, the right time, the right place

Your daddy does cry

Many tears fill your space.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Before and After

Tastefully sexy for that special someone in your life. From the photo shoot through post production you are the star. Book your appointment commission now.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

BacktotheZu Studios, excellence in creative portraiture

I recently updated my BacktotheZu Studios website. Since starting a website specific to my fine art photography, (william zuback fine art photographs), I have revamped my BacktotheZu Studios website to concentrate only on portraiture. I except commissioned portraits for personal as well as editorial needs. Check out the updates portraits site and the next time you desire a quality portrait contact me.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Blog and Website

Thanks for being such a loyal follower of my blog, especially during the last year when I was producing my Book Passages body of photographs. Many of my blog posts will be moving to a new Website Blog that I've recently got up and running. This new website is just for my fine art photography. It includes many of my past fine art series/projects.

So last night I posted on my new blog. It's a gamble to switch at this time since I've built up a nice following of interested Blogger's but I want to separate my fine art idea's from my portrait/commercial business. This blog and my soon to be revamped BacktotheZu Studios website will be my vehicle for my portrait business. I'll still post BacktotheZunews but it will be focused on the business and portraits in general. Please become a loyal follower of my new blog if you enjoy my occasional image posts, reflections and rants. Here is the new information. Please take the time to check it out, bookmark it and come back often. Thanks.

William Zuback Fine Art Website
Fine Art Blog

Monday, March 1, 2010

Jessica Rabbit oh how I love thee...

Anyone who has been to my studio or home knows that I collect figures. Horror figures, TV characters, movie characters, Bobble Heads.... Well, I haven't added to my collection in a while but last year when I photographed a model she saw the Jessica Rabbit doll displayed in my studio. Fast forward to this February, I emailed Ari to ask how she's been and that if she would like to do another photo shoot, to let me know. She surprised me with her tale of being inspired to make her own Jessica Rabbit costume after seeing the doll at my studio. Would you like to photograph me as Jessica Rabbit she inquired? Absolutely was my quick response. So last Friday she arrived at the studio mid-morning and by noon she was transformed into Jessica Rabbit.

The Portrait Society Gallery in Milwaukee sent out a request to send portraits of "Famous" people to be a small part of a larger exhibit that opens on March 19. These smaller portraits will be in the lounge/annex of the gallery. I have portraits of more famous people I've photographed including Joyce Carol Oates, Jane Hamilton and Mandy Patinkin but I really hoped that I could get the "Famous" Jessica Rabbit into the exhibit. I emailed gallery owner Debra Brehmer with my info and picture of Jessica and to my wonderful surprise she decided to include Jessica in the exhibit. Debra said, "Thank you for sending the image. My first thought was a woman dressed up as a fictitious cartoon character is probably not "Famous" enough for this show. But the image is so fetching that yes, I would like to include it." Thanks Debra!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Book Passages Exhibit opening reception

Here is a ten minute video highlighting some of the readings from the opening reception of Book Passages: A Visual Journey. Thanks again to all those who attended and made this the largest opening reception to date for the Tenth Street Gallery.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Forward: A Survey of Wisconsin Art Now

Join me and 50 other Wisconsin Artists on Wednesday February 24th for the opening of this exhibition at the Charles Allis Art Museum. There will also be a Gallery Night Reception with free admission on Friday April 16th.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Book Passages Reception was a FUN success

A HUGE thank you to all the people who braved the cold last night and attended the opening reception of my Book Passages Exhibit. It was so much fun and a whole other creative dimension to the work and experience was created by having Chris Flieller from In Tandem Theatre magnificently read each of the Book Passages that were used to create the visual interpretations. The entire event was caught on video so look for some excerpts of the opening to come in the near future.

According to Gallery Curator Miranda Levy over 100 friends, colleagues and fellow art lovers were in attendance through out the evening. I appreciate every ones support for coming out and sharing in this creative journey. If you couldn't get to the opening but would still like to see the show it is on view until April 9th.

William Zuback, Book Passages, a visual journey
February 12 - April 9
628 N. 10th Street
Milwaukee, WI. 53233
Gallery Hours 10am - 5pm Monday-Friday
If someone would like to see the show on a Saturday just contact me and I will work with Miranda to make it possible.

The Book Passages Exhibit is a photographic journey of conceptual interpretations culminating from brief Book Passages that I asked readers of my blog to send in for this project. This journey began in February of 2009 with a blog post, "What have you read lately".

Twenty passages and a year later I present the exhibit, Book Passages - a visual journey.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lake Effect interview with Bonnie North

Yesterday I was fortunate to have the opportunity to interview with Bonnie North, Producer of the Lake Effect Program on WUWM-HD 89.7 Milwaukee Public Radio. I arrived right at 9am for my 9 o'clock appointment. I thought I would arrive ten minutes early but the traffic was worse than I thought it would be so close to 9am in the morning. It could have been compounded by the light snow that had been falling most of the morning.

What a professional and kind person Bonnie is. I was extremely nervous not knowing what we would cover in our conversation and not being a big fan of public speaking anyway, she quickly put me at ease. She reminded me that it's nothing more than a conversation among two people and that since it wasn't live we could stop and start at anytime and she could edit in post production.

Lake Effect is a wonderful radio program that consistently covers a wide range of interesting topics from politics to art every weekday from 10am - 11am and reruns at 11pm - 12am. Tune in next week Thursday February 11 when my twelve minute segment with Bonnie airs on Lake Effect. If you are not near a radio but are at your computer you can hear it stream live. Just click on the button on the WUWM 89.7 website. If you are busy working at that time and can't listen (like myself) you can tune in later that evening or wait till it is put into their archives of past shows.

Thanks Bonnie for your interest in my Book Passages series and what turned out to be a fun and memorable half hour.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

OPENING RECEPTION February 12 6pm-8pm

I hope that you can join me for the opening of my exhibition "Book Passages, a visual journey." It promises to be an exciting and interesting evening. During the opening an actor from the In Tandem Theater will continue the participatory nature of this series by dramatically reading out loud the twenty book passages while standing near the coinciding visual interpretation.

William Zuback, Book Passages, a visual journey
February 12 - April 9
Tenth Street Gallery
628 N. 10th Street
Milwaukee, WI. 53233

Opening Reception:
Friday, February 12
6pm - 8pm
Cash Bar: Wine & Beer
Gallery Hours 10am - 5pm Monday-Friday

The Book Passages Exhibit is a photographic journey of conceptual thoughts culminating from brief Book Passages that I asked readers of my blog to send in for this project. This journey began in February of 2009 with a blog post, "What have you read lately".

Twenty passages and a year later I present the exhibit, Book Passages - a visual journey.

If you have any questions in regard to this up-coming Exhibit Opening please feel free to email me.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dinner Table Conversation

Dinner Table Conversation

This image was selected into the Charles Allis Art Museums Juried Show Forward: A Survey of Wisconsin Art Today.  I'm always wondering when I create a series, does it stand up as a body of work or are there only one or two strong images in the completed series? So I entered two images that I didn't enter in the Racine Art Museums Wisconsin Photography 2009 Juried exhibition to see how they would fair. One made it in and one didn't. It gives me a little more confidence that the Life in Miniature series stands up as a whole. Since I haven't tried to show the Life in Miniature series yet and have been so caught up with producing my latest Book Passages series it gives me hope that there will be a venue interested in exhibiting this work in the future.
The exhibit opens on Wednesday February 24th from 5:30pm to 8:30pm.

Anticipated email:
The Charles Allis Art Museum would like to congratulate you on your acceptance into the juried exhibition Forward: A Survey of Wisconsin Art Now. The jurors Graeme Reid, Assistant Director of the Museum of Wisconsin Art and Martha Glowacki, Co-Director of the Wisconsin Academy’s James Watrous Gallery both expressed that the more than 260 entrees represented possibly the best body of work they had ever seen for a juried exhibition. They selected your piece Dinner Table Conversation for inclusion.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

"Eight Counties" at the Kohler Art Center

This coming Sunday is the opening for "Eight Counties" at the Kohler Art Center. The award presentation and talk are at 1:00 pm. I am honored and pleased to have two images included in this exhibit. If you are looking for something to do join me for the opening.

The following is the description of the exhibition taken from the John Michael Kohler Art Center website:

This spring, the Arts Center will host Eight Counties, an extensive juried exhibition celebrating the breadth of art created in east-central Wisconsin. Showcasing works in all media including photography, painting, drawing, printmaking, ceramics, woodworking, metals, textiles, glass, and mixed media, this exhibition is the twelfth in a series of surveys devoted to highlighting the talents of our region’s exciting artists.

We invited submissions from all practicing artists—professional and by avocation—in the eight county area of Brown, Calumet, Fond du Lac, Manitowoc, Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Sheboygan, and Washington counties, and this year we were delighted by an unprecedented number of strong entries. We received submissions from over 520 artists offering more than 1,550 individual works of art!

Held in the Arts Center’s Collections & Community Galleries, the juried exhibition will present the final selection of nearly 150 works by over 100 regional artists. Eight Counties will open to the public January 24th, 2010 with an opening celebration and award ceremony from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Please join us in celebrating our region’s remarkable artists.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Poem Preview

Exciting times as Michelle PG Richardson begins to feed me the poems she has created and continues to create for our book collaboration on the Book Passages images. Here is a sneak peek. If you haven't already, please visit her on-line magazine "Eye on Life". It has such a diverse amount of quality content that you should find something that will satisfy your literary palette.

Perfection-less by Michelle PG Richardson aka Frieda Babbley

Do you feel as though I have abandoned you?
As if the wind has stopped
blowing, whispering
for you to quietly sneak back
into the cupboard
where you’ve found yourself locked
many a sunny day?

Wisps of hair
found on the floor
where you’ve been
once trampled over
seduced relentlessly
price never affirmed
only hush and calm,
words surrendered
received via post the following day.

Poisonous silence killed you
never saying  no
never walking away
clutter of the day’s thoughts swept
under the floorboards.
Light shown through
the azure skies of blue fear
peace and solace
refined dignity
hoping for the breath
that would bring back life
more insipid than
the taste of belonging.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Down the rabbit hole

I moved this image to my website so as not to offend anyone. If you are interested in viewing this image it can be found at: