Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sweet Surrender

What was it you saw in my heart?
So many years ago
A young man's body, a child's mind
So much growing up to do

Your brown eyes were a haven
Offering a kindness that was real
Through your eyes I found
A heart that was true

What did I have to offer?
I may never know
You welcomed me into your life
Without a clue

With a heart hardened by life's disdain
You taught me to live life with no restrain
No longer intoxicated, you set my life free
Love is the drug, you are my need

Always there with a supportive ear
You're my hope, you take away my fears
You tore down the walls I had built so strong
You showed me true courage, no more could I hide

Life's purpose is a mystery, its part of some big master plan
We look to the stars, when life takes a turn
I only need to look for the twinkle in your eyes
To find comfort in a heart so true

Happy Anniversary Sue.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dearest Sue, We stopped counting at 50, but we had you to remind us every year after so we will remind you every year to your fiftieth how raucous, how splendid, how glorious 18,250 rotations of our earth can be ! There you sit, on the deck of life, content to be a mother of love, guiding two children into their future. Mother and I wish you and Bill to wrap the rest of your days with continual love and continued passion for your future.La Chiem ! La Chiem! To Life! To Life !