Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Book Passages Exhibit opening reception

Here is a ten minute video highlighting some of the readings from the opening reception of Book Passages: A Visual Journey. Thanks again to all those who attended and made this the largest opening reception to date for the Tenth Street Gallery.


Anonymous said...

Your reader of your passages was very good, Strong voice. theatrical, found the essence of all the passages which invited your audience to reread the written passages. The video of the photographic passages suffered from low lighting. Enlargement of the mounted photos would have been helpful. The images were professionally framed and hung on the wall with grace and inviting interest.

William Zuback said...

Yes the lighting in the gallery isn't optimal for the work or recording a video. In defense of the gallery it is something they are aware of and are working toward improving the lighting. Chris did an outstanding job reading the passages. If you are referencing the size of the actual photo's and not the video I'll have to defend my decision to produce the images smaller than what is the current trend with larger photographs. My opinion and intent of the chosen size is to make the images as much a personal experience as reading a book is. I felt I went as small as I could without making it difficult for the viewer to see the subtle details in many of the images. Large images would have allowed many people to view each image from a distance removing them from that intimate experience of viewing (reading) the photograph as they would a book passage. Thank you so much for you insight and opinions. I do appreciate the feedback on how others view the work. I hope more people add to this discussion. I'd be very interested to see if my opinion is more my own or shared by others who have experience the exhibit.