Tuesday, September 16, 2008

INFLUENCE/MENTOR you've never met?

This was an interesting topic that was the center of our conversation at our last dinner gathering. Unfortunately for me I wasn't able to attend. I can imagine from the dynamic group of individuals, a very insightful evening of discussion took place last Sunday. I will have to get the Reader's Digest version the next time we get together.

The topic for the evening was, to come prepared to discuss, who was an major influence or mentor in your life that you have never met. For me as an visual artist, that influence would have to be the band Alice Cooper. Music in general has influenced my visual imagery more than any other type of art or artist but none more that Alice Cooper. From early song's such as "Caught in a Dream", "Billion Dollar Babies", "I Love the Dead", and Muscle of Love to mid career songs such as "From the Inside", "Nurse Rozetta", and "Millie and Billie"; the band always challenged the status quo both lyrically and musically. The fancy die-cut flaps on numerous album cover jackets pushed the envelope on design and photography.

Today, my fine art photography reflects a lot of those musical and lyrical influences of the late 60's and the 1970's. Music continues to be both a great motivator and stimulus for creativity for my fine art images. If you would like to see some of my earlier work then check out the Doll Narrative Series gallery at my website.

This briefly describes one of my main influences as an artist. I'd love to hear who has been an influence/mentor in your life?

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