Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sixteen days to HOPE

With the election nearly two weeks away it is hard to keep emotions in check and not get excited about what the future of this country CAN BE! For a party (GOP) that prides itself on less government, we citizens have lost so much in the last eight years to an administration shrouded in corruption, secrecy, and greed. Barack Obama will lead this country back to fairness and greatness for all of it's citizens.

Cry No More
William Zuback

Cry no more
Your tears have quenched your soul
Salt has dried your lips

Cry no more
Put your trembling hand in mine
Fold your fingers into the valley of the fray

Our hands have experienced
The war of our day
Life lines collide, granting us one more stay

Our minds a kaleidoscope
Fragments of thought
Abstract ideas
That cannot be bought

Our bodies are prisoners
Of this political scheme
But the freedom of our soul
Allows us to dream!

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