Monday, December 1, 2008

The Thanksgiving Bridge

Since my son had to work the day after Thanksgiving we traveled to Winona MN so that we could still celebrate the holiday all together. During our visit I also took a little time out to photograph the kids which has been a yearly tradition for many years. Our hotel looked out upon the mighty Mississippi River and a very large bridge that connects Winona to Fountain City, WI.

I have looked at the bridge many times over the numerous visits to Winona since my two sons moved there. This time it took on a special meaning as it really became a metaphor for the journey thats been traveled this past year by each of my children and all of us for that matter. Each of the kids has followed their own path and crossed their own bridges, some good and some less desirable. Family's are always in motion. Changing, evolving, growing both apart and together. Thanksgiving brought our bridges together in a harmonious way like Thanksgiving often does.

Here is to Thanksgiving and family!

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