Sunday, February 22, 2009

Is there anybody out There?

To try and move some conversation on these posts I will start by offering my intent on this image. Especially since it didn't reproduced as well with the image size on the blog.

To me the whole Beaufort Scale is a scientific, yet to some extent arbitrary one, based on a scientist or team of scientists decision to determine what constitutes how many knots/MPH wind has to be to move up to the next descriptive term for the winds velocity. I struggled as a non-scientist how silly this scale seemed to me so in my visual interpretation of this event I tried to encompass the idea of wind/conflict/movement into one visual dialog. So onto the image.

My intent was to create a visual that was the opposite of what people would have expected the image to be but hold onto those general components that people think of when confronted with the idea of wind. The image shows an individual in a very calm and still state. Relaxing with a beer and chips while watching TV (the weather channel). The TV screen represents the reality of what is occurring outside. The man's boots are untied eluding to the fact that he may have just come in from the chaos of the storm. The fan re-enforces the idea of wind/movement. The chips are also showing some slight movement compared to the overall calm of the scene. The TV and the fact that he is watching the Weather Channel is a joke since he is watching a non-cable or satellite TV based on the crude rabbit ears on top of his set? Then, to throw it further into the obscure, the tattoo on the guys arm is the ancient alchemist symbol of phosphorus which because of it's ability to glow/create light had many to believe it was connected to spirits? This takes the idea of movement/wind into the realm of the supernatural. Exhausting I know. Most of my images just hit you on the head like a brick. This one is unusual in that it has so many elements.


Frieda Babbley said...

I was wondering about the tatoo. Very interesting. That really does draw in a movement into the third dimension, doesn't it. It's all the little things in this one, isn't it.

Naomi said...

I thought this interpretation was less literal than your first set of photos. I think that the title and fan work well, though, and you're conveying the idea that this guy is witnessing the weather/storm more so than being part of it. I have to admit, though, that when I clicked on the Beaufort Scale, I was expecting an image of water.