Friday, March 27, 2009

Justin e


Anonymous said...

I like it in conjunction with the interpretation; I find it especially funny that the passage is talking about transforming the self, but that the old self being shedded in the photo is the same as the new self coming through. Plus, of course, the hollowness inherent in dolls.

Jay said...

"I really like both shot's, though Justin E spoke to
me more. I really like the doll as a flower and can be taken as the many facets of a personality some deeply
hidden behind other's unfolding them and journeying deeper as you become friends and perhaps lovers/in love."

Frieda Babbley said...

I do agree with Tea and Jay. And this seems to demonstrate at least the narrator's thoughts of Justine and who she is or might be in the narrator's viewpoint.

Yet at the same time, the uncertainty and back and forth of the narrator shows well in the second one very well.

Bill Schulman said...

Justin fills the screen, the figure/ground, with the immensity of her impact on the character who ruminates about her. The fullness of her image and her internal world of existential coping is both as haunting as the bifurcated doll figure in her frontal presence. You have captured the strength and the exotic reality of Justin. Great photographic imagination ! Bill