Sunday, March 22, 2009

Book Passage Series Ch. 5 coming soon...

I am so thankful for the people who regularly offer their opinions and insight as this visual journey progresses. Hopefully it will continue to build momentum and result in some terrific future discussions and debates. Again, depending on the availability of models I have requested an interest in participating on this next passage, I should have results posted on this next passage later in the week or by the end of next weekend. You have all provided me with challenging assignments and I put a lot of thought and effort into each one which can at times slow down the process. This next passage has again provided me with some incredible creative challenges. My creative solutions will hopefully be unique and unexpected but still provide a satisfying visual solution to the interpretation.

For those new to this blog please refer to past postings such as "What have you read lately" to learn more about this Book Passage series and visual journey. I continue to invite people to submit passages. I have many to keep me busy well into the year but it has become such an exciting and challenging journey for me that I hope it continues for a long while.

Anyone who submits a book passage will receive a print of my visual interpretation of the excerpt. The current submission from the novel Justine by Lawrence Durrell was sent in anonymously. Mr. or Ms. Anonymous, if you would like to receive a print of my interpretation please email me. Until I post the image, here is the passage I am working from:

"And all this brings me back to myself, for I too have been changing in some curious way. The old self sufficient life has transformed itself into something a little hollow, a little empty. It no longer answers my deepest needs. Somewhere deep inside a tide seems to have turned in my nature. I do not know why but it is towards you my dear friend, that my thoughts have turned more and more of late. Can one be frank? Is there friendship this side of love which could be sought and found? I speak no more of love-the word and its conventions have become odious to me. But is there a friendship possible to attain which is deeper even, limitlessly deep, and yet wordless, idealess? It seems somehow necessary to find a human being to whom one can be faithful, not in the body (I leave that to the priests) but in the culprit mind? But perhaps this is not the sort of problem which will interest you much these days. Once or twice I have felt the absurd desire to come to you and offer my services in looking after the child perhaps. But it seems clear that you do not really need anybody any more, and that you value your solitude above all things.."

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Anonymous said...

over 30 year ago I believe, I copied a passage to give to a close friend. I wanted to love them, but knew I could not without destroying a deep friendship. I have often thought of this message, especially the phrase "the culprit mind". I have always wondered just what was meant. I am still curious and would love to have someone elses input.